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1. How long does weave installs last?

Qw/bond ins lasts up to about 3 to 4 weeks.  Sew-ins lasts up to

3 months, more than 3 not recommended.


2. What type of hair for a quick weave bob?

100% human hair, Non-synthetic, example: Milky Way, Saga,

Cuticle XQ, Velvet Remy or any vVirgin Brazilian or Indian hair.


3. Is hair braided down for a Quick weave?

Yes, if hair permits. If not hair will be molded down.


4. Is protective strips used?

Yes if requested,or as needed.


5. Are lace frontals glued or sewn?

Glued. Other methods are up for discussion.


6. Are lace closure glued or Sewn?

Most are sewn, if client hair permits.


7. Are Deposits Refundable or transferable?



8. Does the deposit go towards the total?



9. Are kids Allowed?

Only if kids are getting serviced.


10. How long does it take for a sew-in to get installed?

Usually 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Service times varies depending

on style of choice and day of service.


11. What inch of hair for bobs?

12 inches or more


12. How many packs of hair or how many bundles?

Normally 2, or to clients desired look.


13. How many Bundles for a Sew-in?

2 to 3. Mostly 3 depending on style, head size, and clients

desired look.


14. Do you Accept Cards?


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